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A panda of the the fall-down, boy-hesitant-to-become-a-man variety.

A pot-bellied, courage-free slacker panda.

An overweight Panda whose lifelong dream is to be a master at kung fu and save China.

An overweight panda and kung-fu enthusiast.

The panda with that cuddly belly is such an adorable character.

Super funny ^ ^ ~ 功夫足球 Do not waste the Kung Fu Panda.

An animated panda bear.

An animated panda bear.

A panda martial-arts geek.

Kawaii panda. ^____^

Po is a panda and Ping is a goose, but the former seems to have no idea that he might have been, say, adopted.

A panda who is the only son of a goose who owns a noodle shop (don’t ask).